The Scottish Rite building in Oakhurst has been a labor of both love and frustration for years now.  Few people would question the value of keeping this architecturally significant facility intact, however, while the neighborhood around it has boomed in every direction, the Scottish Rite building has struggled to keep major tenants in place and The City of Decatur recently ended up purchasing the property as a negotiated end to litigation between ownership and a nonprofit community organization.  A new restaurant, Scout, has finally opened in the McGowan’s Pub space, but not before the City’s Downtown Development Authority had to request nearly $50,000 in HOST funds to make the January’s debt service payment.

Let’s hope the team at Scout enjoys a successful run and the City can begin servicing their debt on the property.  Even with initial difficulty making payments, current and future tenants will be much more secure knowing that their space is supported by historically strong management and will longer be operating with the looming prospect of management litigation or bankruptcy.  Once in the black, perhaps then the City could put some of Decatur’s great landscape architects to work integrating the Scottish Rite public spaces with the rest of downtown Oakhurst.  Win win.



Scottish Rite Building Entering Next Phase
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Scottish Rite Building Entering Next Phase
The Scottish Rite Building in Oakhurst is finally moving toward stabilization.
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Moore Commercial Group
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