Our approach.

We employ a consultative approach towards commercial brokerage, enabling The Moore Commercial Group to integrate more effectively with our clients’ existing teams of advisors and professionals.

Our Mission.

Creativity. Imagination. Thrift. Responsibility. Efficacy. Knowledge. Professionalism.


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What We Do

At The Moore Commercial Group, we work hard to ensure that the sales process maximizes your return and minimizes any associated risk either to your company or your portfolio. We can help you minimize the time your property is on the market by utilizing our market and location knowledge, analytics, suitable property, comps, emerging trends, and our negotiation skills to find prospective buyers for your space.

Our project management process encourages active engagement throughout the entire sales cycle, including competitive market analyses that will help us perfectly position and market your property, custom marketing outreach, and the last phase and detail of contract negotiation and preparation. Our marketing outreach, in particular, will emphasize your property details, including it’s location, size, condition, surrounding businesses, and recent comparable sales, while drawing particular attention to those characteristics that help it stand out from the crowd.

Tell us about your property and we can immediately begin to give you an idea of how we will creatively approach the sale, draw qualified buyers, and help you achieve the highest sales price possible.

Whether you are buying an investment property or are looking for a more suitable property for your company’s use, we take the time to fully understand and appreciate your specific needs. Every company’s occupancy and site selection needs are different. The property should be a fit in terms of price, location, utilization, and investment required. As a result, we bring you only properties that are truly a good fit.

We work with you to determine your business objectives, including factors such as cash flow and affordability, options for subleasing, availability of similar properties, and more. We also help you determine if the location is a good fit or investment by providing details about the local area and information on comparable properties.

Through our association with KW Commercial, The Moore Group is able to assemble diverse teams with some of the longest reach in the commercial real estate industry. Our direct experience in development, zoning, environmental management, technology, and business can smooth the typically bumpy acquisition process.

There are a number of ways to purchase and finance commercial real estate projects. The Moore Group engages with your existing team of advisors, then uses best practices to find the right property, conduct in-depth analyses, negotiate with property owners, and obtain the best possible deal.

The Moore Commercial Group works extensively with investors and developers to support land development projects of all sizes.  We are able to bring an extensive network of resources through the KW system to ensure that the right people are involved at every stage of the project.