Our approach.

We qualify every potential tenant, managing their expectations through the selection process and working to deliver the desired space at a cost that satisfies all parties, with a process that prioritizes efficiency and proper documentation.

Our Mission.

Creativity. Imagination. Thrift. Responsibility. Efficacy. Knowledge. Professionalism.


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What We Do

Marketing is the key to your project’s success. Reaching the right audience, with the right message, is mission critical. We employ a full-time, in-house team of marketing specialists, each with a unique skill-set designed to customize the multifaceted strategy for each asset and provide maximum exposure.

We look at such factors as inherent qualities of the building and tenant mix, considered in light of local market conditions, investment goals, and the competitive situation. A comprehensive marketing strategy is then deployed using a mix of technology, digital promotion, and creative messaging solutions to attract and retain the right tenants and meet ownership’s investment objectives. This approach designed to ideally position the asset in the competitive marketplace, whether the property in question is a one-off project or part of a larger portfolio, we manage the marketing process to strategically position assets as the superior choice in that market.

We will clearly document how your property or portfolio is performing when measured against similar assets in the immediate market. Every step of the positioning and leasing process will be communicated regardless of activity level. We monitor key performance metrics and provide you with succinct reporting on a regular basis.

The bottom line is that results are what matters. Decatur Commercial is relentlessly focused on delivering the positive outcomes for our clients. We drive relationships, put together deals, and deliver results.