Our approach.

We align with investors that are looking for solutions that help them realize short or long term goals in the real estate holdings market, or investors that want to divest assets or portfolios.

Our Mission.

Creativity. Imagination. Thrift. Responsibility. Efficacy. Knowledge. Professionalism.


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What We Do

This is an interesting time to be in the world of commercial real estate. Technology is changing the industry and being able to navigate and mine the exploding wealth of resources is something we pride ourselves on. Success, however, still depends on leveraging this data against the “human capital” that still drives activity in markets large and small.

Regardless of the size of the portfolio, we maintain an unshakable commitment to each individual investor.

Specific plans are developed to address the specific requirements of each asset, predicated on the belief that they are all unique and deserve more than a cookie-cutter action plan. We bring to bear all of the necessary resources to ensure that the plan developed for your assets includes the most current information on emerging trends, local market intelligence, and general market conditions to determine the most efficient path to achieve your strategic and financial objectives.

We might seem like a small office in Decatur, Georgia…and no doubt happy to stay that way.

Don’t be fooled, though. As part of the KW Commercial platform, we have boots on the ground in nearly 350 locations around the world, with the number of agents exceeding 30,000. Many of the, as well, are much like us…consummate locals in their own markets, with the experience and expertise to work across the city or across the globe.

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